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3784992961 82755aecf5 m UB ComIntroduction : UB Com

When it comes to the UB website, you’ll discover that the UB deposit bonus code operation is actually split up into many different domain name extensions. There are in place for various reasons, but it is also true that one of those extensions really does dominate the traffic that UB as an overall website gets.

UB Com

As you can probably imagine, the vast majority of the traffic that UB gets goes through the UB Com website. There is a reason for this and that reason quite simply is that UB Com is where all the money is.

If you want to do a real money transaction, you are going to need to go through UB Com.

Even if you are actually going through the software package and are unaware of the particular domain name extension being used, it is a guarantee that you are using the services that are provided by UB Com.

Because all of the real money stuff goes through the UB Com website, what you will realize is that UB Com is also the place where all of the promotions are dealt with. Promotions by definition will all deal with real money issues and therefore they need to be settled in the same place where all of the real money transactions take place.

This means that if you are going after the 111% up to $1100 signup bonus that can be claimed by using the UBALLIN bonus code, you are going to need to go through UB Com in order to get everything worked out.

UB Net

The other major version of the UB website is UB Net. This is a website that is traversed relatively frequently, but it is also a website that you can rely upon to give you good information about the basics of the UB operation.

The main point behind this website is that it is a place where people can go if they want to play online poker at UB, but they don’t want to spend any money in the process. All of the play money gaming at UB is regulated through this website and that is precisely why this website appears in all of the television advertising that UB does on television. In most parts of the world it is illegal to advertise online gambling, so by having a separate website dedicated to play money games, UB and other poker sites can still advertise their product over the airwaves.

UB Poker Conclusion : UB Com

What does the above information tell you about the UB online poker operation? It tells you that you can certainly start out at UB Net if that is what you want, but it should also tell you pretty plainly that if you want to grab the UBALLIN $1100 bonus, you’ll eventually need to make the jump from UB Net to UB Com. You don’t have to do that right away however, so you can sign up and use the UBALLIN bonus code on UB Net if you want to try the play money games first.